Leverage the platform to run an integrated marketing process for your restaurant. Achieve marketing efficiency in less than 10 minutes a day. Follow the steps to get started:


It begins with - finding the right strategy for the restaurant. Perform a SWOT analysis for your restaurant. Next, setup a strategy consultation with our Digital Strategist to determine an optimal MARKETING MIX for the restaurant.

SWOT Form Strategy Call


The first rstep of executing the strategy is to enable specific marketing CHANNELS for the restaurant (if they are not yet enabled). The next step is to plan and design relevant offers and promotions for the restaurant.

Request Channel Offers


The PLAYBOOK is where you execute the marketing plan. The first step is build the 52-week marketing calendar. We have got ready templates to get you started quickly. It is as easy as selecting the relevant templates and copying to playbook.

Templates Playbook


Monitor your marketing activities through the REPORTS suite of the platform. Visit the dashboard to get an live overview of various marketing metrics. These insights should drive your next round of strategy discussions.

Reports Dashboard


Release Plan

  • 07/01/2017: 0.1 Beta - Business & User management, Reports, Push messaging
  • 08/01/2017: 0.2 Beta - Playbook, Offers, Facebook posts scheduling, 52-week calendar, marketing templates by industry/country.
  • 09/01/2017: 0.3 Beta - Email scheduling, Dashboard, API integration, web analytics, social media analytics, FB ads analytics.
  • 10/01/2017: 1.0 Release

As we make updates and add new features there may have bugs and software may be unstable. Thank you for your understanding.

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Known bugs: Screen does not refresh after login. Refresh on browser.